The Hall WILL re-open – but not immediately

The most recent survey has confirmed, as we always believed, that the extent of the damage is not nearly as widespread as initially suggested, and that in fact, with the exception of repair work required for the west gable, the structure of the hall as a whole is essentially sound.

A 5-year plan of repair and upgrading work has been drafted, with the west gable at the top of the list. Unfortunately the immediate work requires a Building Warrant – a lengthy piece of bureaucracy which has still to be set in motion – so there seems little chance of the hall reopening in mid-August for the start of the new session, with the earliest date possibly November or later.

Go to our Save Juniper Green Facebook page for the most recent post on 22nd July by our Chairman, Malcolm Brown, which gives more detail about the current situation.

It is however important that we continue to keep up the pressure on our local representatives to push for action and to let them see how much, and how soon, we want our hall back in action.